how to make an automatic animal farm in minecraft pe

This playlist provides you with Minecraft Pocket Edition Facts (MCPE). From Removed Features to Exclusive Features you'll find out everything you need to know about Minecraft PE. From Removed Features to Exclusive Features you'll find out everything you need to know about Minecraft PE. ... More

how to make your own fabric labels

Customize Your Creations By Making Your Own Label Through out the year we all make special gifts for loved ones. Finish the item with a label that says how much you care. ... More

how to pack pots and pans for storage

For pans, make sure that you pack them individually if you have non-stick pans. This is to prevent any scratches or other damage that could ruin the surface of the pan. This is to prevent any scratches or other damage that could ruin the surface of the pan. ... More

how to do a good care plan

Plan your meals in advance so that you know what you will eat the next day. Planning ahead can help you avoid making poor nutrition choices, like running out for fast food when you could have planned and packed a healthy lunch. ... More

how to make a drivable ship in minecraft

Lighter blocks make your ship lighter. There's no magic solution to make your ship a specific weight (or displacement), but you can change the heaviness of blocks using config files. There's no magic solution to make your ship a specific weight (or displacement), … ... More

how to make a wing with liquid eyeliner

Hopefully the following tutorials will make the job easier on you. 5 Simple Ways to Apply Winged Eyeliner Flawlessly #1 How To: Winged Liquid Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners – Lashes Love & Leather. By: Melrae Segal . Getting that wing right can be a hassle even for veterans in the art of makeup. Imagine what it must be like for beginners! This tutorial is free of montages, speed-ups, video ... More

how to play need for speed most wanted

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is an online NDS game that you can play at Emulator Online. This free Nintendo DS game is the United States of America region version for the USA. ... More

how to make gin and lemonade

Rosemary Lemonade Gin And Lemonade Rosemary Water Lemonade Cocktail Sparkling Lemonade Gin Lemon Cocktail Lemon Cocktails Rosemary Cocktail Gin Cocktail Recipes Forward The Ophelia Cocktail is a Rosemary and Gin Sparkling Lemonade and a most refreshing drink. ... More

how to open htm file online

To save this file as an .htm file, in Notepad, click on File Save As. The Save As dialog will pop up and should by default open to the root directory of drive ... More

how to make coffee icing for cake

16/06/2015 · Vanilla and chocolate cakes layered with vanilla, chocolate, and COFFEE buttercream with cookies, halved doughnuts, chocolate covered ESPRESSO BEANS and crushed coffee crisp in between. I topped ... More

how to prepare for gamsat australia

Gamsat essay task b examples Aug 2011 · Quotation: "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt Self empowerment can be an extremely useful tool if. - Eleanor Roosevelt Self empowerment can be an extremely useful tool if. ... More

how to make ascii art

The above example of ASCII usage on the modern Web was found on a walkthrough for Driver 2 written in 2003 and would have served as a way of identifying the author. ... More

how to make a good email signature

Check out Eric Peters' signature promoting HubSpot's free email signature generator (meta, we know): 10) Demonstration of Your Product / Free Consultation When you are having a tough sales month, consider using an email signature that promotes a free consultation with your team or even a demonstration of your product. ... More

miscreated how to open inventory

Miscreated. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Miscreated > General Discussions > Topic Details. Rybred. Sep 4, 2016 @ 3:33pm How to access inventory screen help < > Showing ... More

how to make a star pinata

Whats not to love about a pinata? You get to take out aggression on a dangling object and then you are rewarded with a candy shower! Its no wonder kids and adults love piantas! Pinatas are a fun and easy craft project that can be made a bazillion different ways (doilies, cupcake liners, Post It notes, cardboard, cereal boxes, foil). Heres a giant list of 45 pinata tutorials that are ... More

how to play the hat game

Keep all of the correctly guessed names out of the hat, but return any that were set aside due to illegal clues. The next team then picks a clue-giver, and play continues until there are no more names in the hat. ... More

how to make vaseline at home in hindi

30/01/2018 Best New Videos of Fluffy Slime Out of Shaving Cream Making & Vaseline Make Jelly Slime. Fluffy Slime without Detergent Powder Creation Ideas. Watch Make Your Own Fluffy Slime with Various Things and Colors. Fluffy Slime Detergent Making Recipe Using Various Ingredients. How to do Fluffy Slime Easy way at Home Videos. Fluffy Slime Home Ingredients Ideas and Steps Videos. ... More

how to make rope bracelets

I learned that it is really easy to make bracelets, footlets (bracelets for ankles), etc with rope. Beforehand, whenever I tried to tie something, I ended up tied to a table or wrapped in a cocoon of rope (not a good experience). I also learned that I could make an instructable. ... More

how to pack a punch on buried

29/06/2013 · Watch video · VanossGaming:Black Ops 2 Zombies Pizza Fail Throw a Monkey!Buried Zombies Funny Fail Moments ... More

how to make a game board site youtube.com

10/01/2019 How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop - 3D Map Generator Terrain - Duration: 20:32. Orange Box Ceo 886,656 views ... More

how to make chinese deep fried chicken wings

In a large saucepan, heat 2 inches of oil to 350. Add half of the wings and fry over moderate heat, turning once, until deep golden brown and cooked through, about 8 minutes. ... More

how to make your kitchen a commercial kitchen

Any kitchen can be made kosher. Whether your kitchen is up-to-the minute in fashionable design or a relic of the 1920s, whether you have a spacious “great room” or a tiny galley kitchen, you can readily adapt it to kosher practices. ... More

how to make a sphere with world edit

Play and Listen i decided it was time to update my worldedit tree tutorial so here is a much improved method of creating trees with worldedit obviously there are many ways to How to Build a Tree with Worldedit! ... More

how to say war in greek

12/09/2012 · Another legal issue that has surfaced concerns the 476 million reichsmarks lent against its will to Germany by the Greek National Bank during the war. If this were to be considered a form of war ... More

how to make a fondant elmo figure

How to make SUPER EASY edible fondant paper clips. Great for decorating school or office themed cakes and cupcakes! From cakewhiz.com Great for decorating school or office themed cakes and cupcakes! From cakewhiz.com ... More

how to make roast duck breast

Flip the duck breasts over to cook the flesh side for about 2 minutes until golden brown. Place the pan into the hot oven to finish off cooking. Roast for about 3–4 minutes until the breasts are cooked to medium-rare. They should feel slightly springy when pressed. Remove the pan from the oven and rest the breasts … ... More

how to make light purple buttercream

To make Ombre Buttercream Frosting, in large bowl, beat butter and shortening with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Add powdered sugar; beat on low speed until crumbly. Gradually add milk, then vanilla, beating until light … ... More

how to make a mechanical bull at home

The latest Tweets from Mechanical Bull (@mech_bull). Rules based investing in UK stocks Rules based investing in UK stocks We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. ... More

how to make music app

Music Maker Jam is a free Windows 8 music maker app available under the Spotlight category of Windows 8 Store. This music app for Windows 8 lets you create music by using large section of professional music styles and loops including Dubstep, Jazz, and Tech-House. ... More

how to make boxing gloves out of paper

15/08/2008 · Ok, I've looked everywhere and cannot find a decent method of cleaning disgusting boxing gloves. I've heard of all the febreeze, baking soda, etc. but that doesn't clean out the GERMS and BACTERIA festering inside. ... More

rexel giant stapler how to open

Rexel staplers features an extremely comfortable new Stylish innovative design Stella Stapler is the electronic solution for high document binding Features easy jam release, strong metal construction and clear window for accuracy and quality finish Strong metal construction with … ... More

jura we8 how to make a long black

Giant Lightweight Black Widow Spider Halloween Prop How-To. History. One of the the experiments I tried over the years that worked extremely well was a giant ... More

how to write a business risk management plan

Before you create a risk management plan, think about which areas of your business it will refer to. For example, you might only be interested in hazard-based risks. Some of the internal and external things to think about when creating your plan are: ... More

how to make herbal tea stronger

I am a tea drinker more so than coffee, I have been known to spend a while in my favourite tea shop working out what my next blend will be. Tea really comes down to preference, some like a weak, sweet tea while others like a stronger brew. ... More

how to open a child support case in maryland

In most cases, the Department will notify the recipient of services in writing at least 60 days before closing a child support case. The individual can respond to the notice and provide information that will be reviewed and a determination made if the case should close or remain open. ... More

how to say rabbit in the moon in chinese

The Rabbit also symbolizes the moon. According to the ancient legend, Chang'e Flying to the Moon, Chang'e drank the elixir of life and flew to the moon with a white rabbit in her arms; therefore, the ancient people believed the spot in the moon to be the rabbit. ... More

how to make heart garland

1 day ago This heart garland is also crazy quick to make! It took me about 10 minutes to cut all the hearts and then about 3 minutes to sew each of the garlands. I joined the hearts in two different methods. I couldnt make up my mind on which one of the methods looks best so Ive sewn my hearts in two different directions. The first set of garlands where sewn perpendicularly, joining the hearts by ... More

how to make your fence higher

Fence Add On Kits & Retrofit Kits. These fence kits are designed to extend up the height of your existing fence, to make your existing fence higher. ... More

how to say alexandra in different languages

Feminine form of ALEXANDER. In Greek mythology this was a Mycenaean epithet of the goddess Hera, and an alternate name of Cassandra. It was borne by several early Christian saints, and also by the wife of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia. ... More

how to make 2 objects 1 in illustrator

For example, in illustrator you have layers, you can make any layers you want and assign items to it. In Fireworks, theres no layers, everything you do is a separate object automatically, and can be organized in folders. Sorta different than layers. Fireworks has native tools for vector and raster drawing. The same can be achieved with the combo of Photoshop and Illustrator, but those 2 ... More

how to make pop vocal loop logic

Pop Vox gives you a well rounded selection of vocal samples that effortlessly cross genres while retaining their original vibe. From east coast rap licks to neo soul phrases with 3 part harmonies and beyond. Included in this sample pack are 74 looped phrases and 66 one shot phrases giving you a total of 140 vocal samples. Tempos range from 73 to 96 bpm. ... More

how to make nozzle for piping bag

12 product ratings - Icing Piping Bag Adapter Fondant Cake Decorating Nozzle Coupler Converter Tool AU $3.66 Trending at AU $3.69 Trending Price is based on prices over the last 90 days. ... More

how to make lemon oil at home

Hello n welcome back to my channel,in this video I am going to show you easy way to make your own lemon oil at homethanks for watching.pls do not forget to subscribe if you havent,thanks???? ... More

how to make small room less dusty

How to Create a Dust-Free Bedroom Reviewed By John A. Daller, MD on 6/21/2017 If you are dust-sensitive, especially if you have allergies and/or asthma , you can reduce some of your misery by creating a "dust-free" bedroom. ... More

how to make a frontal

The frontal lobe is the home of much of what makes us human. It plays a role in everything from movement to intelligence, helps us anticipate the consequences of … ... More

how to make my kitten sleep at night

7/05/2012 So, we have three cats in our household: A 12 year old male, a 3 year old female, and an 8-9 month old male. The 12 year old male has recently (well, on and off for a while now, but the last few months have been really bad) decided that really, no one should sleep. ... More

how to make achar gosht with shan masala

In a bowl, combine ¼ of the Shan Achar Gosht masala a little bit of oil and 1 tbs of ginger paste. Mix thoroughly and then apply onto the tilapia fillet. Let it marinade in the … ... More

how to make graph using excel 2010

Water fall chart shows the cumulative effect of a quantity over time. It shows the addition and subtraction in a basic value over period of time and the final effect of these transactions. In Excel 2016, the chart is available by default and can be easily added through Insert>Chart>Other Charts ... More

how to make gooey butter cake

Enjoying a rich, chocolate, ooey-gooey cake has never been easier! This semi-homemade recipe was handed down from a very wise & frugal Grandma! I posted the buttery Ooey Gooey Butter Cake a while ago. Then I made a Chocolate Ooey Gooey Cake. The recipe is so fascinating to me that I knew had to ... More

how to make dick in a box costume

Homemade SNL Dick in the Box Costume is such an easy and funny costume. It may seem easy, but either way, I’ve decided to explain in detail how to make a Dick In A Box costume – one that Justin Timberlake himself wouldn’t mind being seen in. ... More

how to make a korean breakfast

10/02/2015 · Learn how to make doenjiang jigae (Korean fermented soybean paste stew) and serve up a very traditional Korean breakfast! ... More

how to make a clear phone case from scratch

The Phone Case is a gorgeous, slim, low-profile case that perfectly hugs the iPhone XS. It’s lined with plush microfiber to keep the back of the phone clean and safe from scratches. ... More

minecraft how to make long lasting sword

61 thoughts on “ How to make MINECRAFT Diamond Sword and Diamond Pickaxe ” I bought the head for $20. Found the Creeper socks for $10 (I love the socks). I explained to my son I would try too make the sword. It was down to the last day and two hours before it was dusk. So, coming across this was a life saver. Although I didn’t follow all the instructions (no time for the copy shop; I ... More

how to make the best nachos

Healthy Nachos . A couple of easy switches turn this family favourite into a healthy meal. For more family friendly meals, see here. ... More

how to make baking soda into baking powder

Baking Soda is baking powder plus cream of tartar-- not really interchangeable it related. Remember pouring vinegar into baking soda as a kid? That acid reaction (vinegar) with the base (baking soda) is what causes baking soda to make your dough leven. ... More

how to make salsa with fresh tomatoes and onion

Mexican salsa recipe made with chopped fresh tomatoes, jalapeno or serano chiles, red onion, cilantro, and lime. Learn how to make salsa that is fresh and delicious. ... More

how to play secret society hidden mystery

Join the secretive Mystery Society and unravel intriguing mysteries! You’ve been recruited to join the enigmatic Mystery Society to help solve mysteries throughout Europe. ... More

how to make blue cosmopolitan drink

Make a Blue Cosmopolitan by using white cranberry and Blue Curacao. Make a Peach Cosmopolitan by replacing Triple Sec and cranberry with peach schnapps and peach juice. Make a Cosmocello by replacing lime juice with Lemoncello. ... More

how to compute overtime pay with night differential

So now let us show you how to compute night shift differential pay. Night Shift Differential (NSD) is the additional ten percent (10%) compensation to an employees regular wage to each hour of work performed between 10pm and 6am. ... More

how to make japanese cotton cheesecake recipe

Our website searches for recipes from food blogs, this time we are presenting the result of searching for the phrase japanese cotton cheesecake kokotaru. Culinary website archive already contains 1 060 244 recipes and it is still growing. ... More

how to make easy lemon bars

30/03/2011 · Great lemon bars are an absolute baking classic and when I came home from school yesterday I found the house filled with the scent of these easy-to-make yet simply irresistible cookie bars. ... More

pj shorts how to make

Pajama pants are kind of a Christmas gift staple. They’re practical, like underwear, but way cooler. Make them even more exciting by sewing a pair yourself using a fun holiday fabric or one that uses a favorite character. ... More

how to make kundan necklace at home

We are engaged in offering comprehensive range of Imitation Jewellery in exclusive designs, shapes, and sizes. Our Imitation Jewellery is widely appreciated in the national and international markets. ... More

how to make simple salad dressing with olive oil

How do you make healthy broccoli salad? The tasty dressing for this healthy broccoli salad is made with healthy extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar. ... More

how to make levels on happy wheels

Happy Wheels is an endless game which includes more than 20,000 levels. While playing the game, you will obtain a real sensation of the accident; for example, when you hit one obstacle on your way, you will suffer some kind of damage such as loss of consciousness, bone fractures and even death. ... More

how to make malaysian curry

To make the filling, heat the oil in a medium sized non-stick frypan over medium heat. Sauté the onions for about 2 minutes or until soft and golden. ... More

how to make ouija board photoshop

28/07/2008 · Make you own ouija board in 3 steps: 1 – Cover a large piece of paper with letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9 and the words Yes, No and Goodbye. 2 … ... More

how to say thank you to a colleague

Thank-you-notes.com Here is a sample thank you letter to a colleague. Below that, we have links to some other professional thank you letter examples. Writing a formal thank you letter to coworkers is a great way to assure a good working relationship for the future. ... More

how to make lip primer

Get fancy with Guerlain's luxury lip primer that layers lip product without the cakey feel. Now featuring micro beads to add to the application's moisturizing effects, the nourishing base smoothes and plumps lips to voluminous perfection. ... More

how to prepare android for flashing

To be frank, to flash your Android phone does no harm to your phone. If you flash a system of a new version and there's something wrong with your phone after it, you can flash it to other version according to the instruction below: ... More

how to make zippo fluid last longer

How long can the flame last until it needing to be refilled with more lighter fluid? That depends on how often you use it. If you intend to use the FireStash for emergencies only and hardly open it, the fluid should last weeks, possibly even months. ... More

how to say books in different languages

Now he asked me to check which of the (mostly German or French) books in his list of literature are available in English. For those I can't find a translation, he asked for "equivalents". For those I can't find a translation, he asked for "equivalents". ... More

how to say what is your name in chinese

??????? ?ni,Nea in Neal ?jiao, G+ou in proud ?shen,sh +en in scent ?me,mo in memory ?ming,min in mint ?zi,es in oranges. ... More

how to make a bung

BELOVED fritz may soon be given a capital “F” and join the realms of revered South Australian names. ` Giving it “icon status”, using a similar appellation process famously applied to ... More

how to make a rubber band powered plane

Rubber band assortment features Planes powered by the energy from a rubber band. Launch them from the ground or from up high! Launch them from the ground or from up high! Styles include sling shot, Captain Storm, and sky Streak. ... More

how to make up love quotes

Use the quotes below to ask for forgiveness or use them to inspire your personal apology. Whether your recipient is the type to appreciate cute I’m sorry quotes or a more light-hearted request for forgiveness, the options below are sure to put a smile on their face and make saying sorry a little bit easier on you! ... More

how to make a foldable for science

8/11/2018 · Samsung is actually using two separate displays to create its foldable phone — one on the inside, and a smaller display on the outside — unlike Royole’s FlexPai, which uses a single folding ... More

how to make a steadicam for gopro

In this video I show the principle of how you can make a Steadicam for your GoPro camera. I live in Sweden, so you may not always find the exact same parts that I use, but you can find something similar to what I use and adapt it to your own DIY projekt. ... More

how to remember how to spell diarrhea

It's lucky you don't have to spell it diarrhoea. This way is even more confusing, along with a lot of British/Au English spellings. This way is even more confusing, along with a … ... More

how to raise healthy kids

How to Raise Strong, Healthy, Conscious Kids? Saturday, December 15th, 2018 It is a great responsibility to raise another human being – an incredibly sacred and powerful experience. ... More

how to make a zip file folder windows 7

14/04/2011 · Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. Today, I just realised that when I tried to right click and click new, the Zip folder option wasn't there anymore. ... More

how to set up return receipt in gmail

24/11/2013 · Mail doesn't support read receipts unfortunately. Are you a Gmail user? If so you can use 3rd party email tracking services. They're much better than a read receipt. The recipient of your email doesn't need to acknowledge the read receipt. The tracking just happens in the background. You can check out ContactMonkey and Boomerang. ContactMonkey is stealthy email tracking for Gmail … ... More

how to learn to play golf for the first time

28/07/2016 Unfortunately, golf in its most enjoyable form can consume about 6 hours of free time, and that's not possible for most. However, there are alternatives for practice and play that can be achieved using less time (no, not putt-putt). ... More

how to say propaganda in german

Please find below many ways to say propaganda in different languages. This is the translation of the word "propaganda" to over 80 other languages. This is the translation of the word "propaganda" to over 80 other languages. ... More

how to make wheat bread at home without oven

I really like that this is a full-on whole wheat bread, not a hybrid made with regular flour (those impostors!) . I dont bake my own bread often, but this one I have to bookmark. It looks approachable and relatively fast, and I love the addition of milk and honey. But you can be ... More

how to make a dog collar without sewing

How To Make A Dog Collar Without A Sewing Machine?? ??? ??? dog diarrhea Dog Diarrhea: When is It Serious and How Do I Stop It?If the diarrhea appears to be the large-volume, small-bowel-type, then your dog will likely benefit from at least some supplemental fluid and electrolyte administration, and probably other anti-diarrheal medications.. ... More

how to make silicone face mask

BITY Mold Supply has supplied the world with this great tutorial on how to cast a silicone head or face from Gel-10 and Polyfoam. In the later half of this video, BITY lends great tips on how to paint your finished silicone face for a realistic look. ... More

how to make anova table in r

In accordance with the randomized block design, each restaurant will be test marketing all 3 new menu items. Furthermore, a restaurant will test market only one menu item per week, and it takes 3 weeks to test market all menu items. The testing order of the menu items for … ... More

how to make pasta carbonara with bacon and mushroom

3/01/2013 This Carbonara sauce is a combination of parmesan cheese, eggs and cream and is definitely a decadent sauce to accompany beautifully cooked fettuccini and crispy smoky bacon ... More

how to make real icicles

To make coloured icicles, use coloured pipe cleaners. You can also use white pipe cleaners and food colouring, but I’ve heard the food colouring will eventually fade, and you’ll be left with white crystals. ... More

how to make do not disturb when turning the phone

If you want to turn on Do Not Disturb on a schedule, head to Settings -> Do Not Disturb and tap the switch next to Scheduled. If Do Not Disturb is turned on, you'll see a small moon icon in the upper right-hand corner of your iPhone's display (see image 4). ... More

how to make glue wine

23/10/2018 Glue the end of a roll of coarse twine to the bottom rim of your wine bottle. Use a hot glue gun so the twine is secure on the bottle. Apply a drop of hot glue to the bottom rim of the bottle (on the side of the bottle) and press the end of the twine into the glue. ... More

how to make raspberry coulis with icing sugar

Raspberry Coulis: Place the ingredients in a food processor and puree until smooth. Strain through a fine sieve to remove the seeds. Store in a sealed container until ready to use. Alternatively mash the raspberries with a fork, pass through a sievei and stir in the lemon juice and icing sugar. ... More

how to put photos from iphone to computer windows 10

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 – Top 5 Methods. iPhone users always get worried about their photos. There is no doubt that the iPhone has many features to take photos in it whether its portrait, bokeh, HDR and other features. ... More

how to figure out how much tax return youll get

... More

how to play crystalised on guitar

This is the first tab i submit because i think the other Crystalised tabs are way more than the song actually is. And this is a great song. I hope you all enjoy. ... More

monster legends breeding how to make nemestrinus

11/02/2014 · With these monsters you proceed to create more breeding combinations and start getting rare Monsters, and the last Tier is made of Epic and Legendary Monsters. The higher the Tier the more difficult it gets to obtain the expected Monster shown in the breeding … ... More

how to make friends in a new city uk

Making new friends might be tough however don’t surrender on it. (Image: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk) (Image: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk) Kate Leaver, writer of The Friendship Remedy, moved from Sydney to London and knew she’d want to be proactive about making new friends. ... More

how to make cool paper airplanes step by step easy

William loves making paper airplanes. He's made all the models we've ever seen. So I asked him to show you step by step his favorite easy model which is … ... More

how to make a draft of a research paper

I also make sure that I develop the structure of the paper as I write the introduction. Often times, this will change and I will have to come back and redraft this section, but at least I have a basic structure for the paper. ... More

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how to move only one person in sims 4

The Sims 4. Wiki Guide Table of Contents (NPC) households. Christine's household is the only one in the Played tab, so we click that. We are shown this screen... The four buttons across the

how to make matte wheels gloss

Spray the painted rims with two to three coats of high-quality matte finish spray, or brush on two to three coats of matte finish. Let the finish dry completely before adding another coat. This will help to protect the rims from being damaged, and it will not give a glossy finish so that the black paint will still appear "flat." Let the rims cure for at least 48 hours before putting them back

how to make your hotspot faster

Download Songs How To Get Faster Wi Fi Hotspot Internet On Any Dev only for review course, Buy Cassette or CD / VCD original from the album How To Get Faster Wi Fi Hotspot Internet On Any Dev or use Personal Tone / I-RING / Ring Back Tone in recognition that they can still work to create …

how to make money on theme hotel

19/08/2016 How to Make Money by Having a House Party. Sometimes we need a little extra spending money to make ends meet. One of the best ways to make some extra cash is to throw a house party and pocket a little extra money while having fun with your... Sometimes we need a little extra spending money to make ends meet. One of the best ways to make some extra cash is to throw a house party

how to play vr videos on fire

The key here is that both Xbox and PlayStation will now let you mirror your console games on your computer's screen, meaning you can fire up No Man's Sky and play it in a virtual space on a 120

how to make scale armor cosplay

The cosplay community is growing by the second. It’s becoming more and more advanced, and the costumes never seem to be too elaborate for anyone to create. They are taken straight from today’s games or from the legendary games of the past. However, they have one thing in common, and that’s the

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Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 8H1

Scotland: Dundee SCO, Hamilton SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Livingston SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 4B9

Wales: Cardiff WAL, Wrexham WAL, Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 7D1