how to make green chili sauce

28/10/2013 This homemade green enchilada sauce tastes far better than storebought and is so simple to make. It can be used in so many recipes as a homemade substitute! It can be used in so many recipes as a homemade substitute! ... More

how to make hearts on a keyboard

7/03/2010 · What numbers and letters do you key on you keyboard to make a heart symbol? Answer Questions Is there any deal online for a gaming laptop with … ... More

how to make a voicemail on iphone 5c

Set up Visual Voicemail on your iPhone - Apple Support. If you can't set up Visual Voicemail, contact your carrier to make sure that your plan supports the feature. ... More

how to make a bang flag gun

Roommate agreement with apartment flag logo. The Roommate Agreement was written by Sheldon and was signed by Leonard when they first became roommates. ... More

how to make a showgirl headpiece

Product Features 1920s Great Gatsby Headpiece: free size, one size fits all with ribbon band. ... More

how to make a random name generator

The random last name generator for your next project. Use our free random last name generator and stop racking your brain over the perfect surname for your next character. ... More

how to produce a sales invoice

How to Create Invoices From Excel 2007 by Brent Watkins With Microsoft Office 2007, using an Excel spreadsheet for customized business invoices can be the most cost-effective solution to assist in the management of your small business. ... More

how to create a personal exercise plan

Construct a weight loss workout plan that your clients will truly love. 1. Variety is Everything. Your clients loved the workout you designed for them last month, but the problem is, they're still doing the same old routine. Many clients and personal trainers think that if a workout routine works for them, then there is no reason to change it up, right? - Wrong. Putting some variety into each ... More

how to make a japanese paypal account

After using 1,000 Japanese Yen coupon and 3,000 Japanese Yen worth of Rakuten Super points, the actual amount I have to make payment for is 15,000 Japanese yen.) A7) Yes. The campaign rule for PayPal Bonus Rakuten Super Points is accumulated product price after coupon discount is deducted and before Rakuten Super Points are used. ... More

how to make pikachu cupcakes

Now, make Pikachu's ears...Fill a piping bag with yellow chocolate and draw two "leaf-like" shapes on a sheet of wax paper (they should both be about the same size). Let the chocolate set. Then, fill a piping bag with melted black chocolate and draw the black ... More

how to make a banana split

If you want to make a virtual banana split, you have come to the right place! Here you can create many combinations of different flavors and toppings. ... More

how to make a dog quilt

What do you do if your dog has chewed a hole into your favourite quilt? I hope you’ll find this list useful next time you have to make a repair. Here’s One My Mum Made Earlier . Mum’s patchwork made in the mid 70’s. Here’s a patchwork my mum made in about 1976 (give or take a year or two). She made it for a single bed and I remember her sitting at her industrial machine zipping ... More

how to make oil rubbed bronze finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze finish with highlights and hand blown clear seeded Sandberg Furniture 14217 Wall Mirror, 36" x 30" Wall Mirror, Oil Rubbed Bronze by Sandberg Furniture ... More

how to make a christian louboutin shoe cake

Louboutin’s shoes are the cherry on the cake in all this, at shops-within-shops of jewel box allure. The company operates 105 own-stores globally, up from 88 last year and due to reach 125 in 2016. ... More

how to make 3d cone with cardboard

Glue a cardboard roll vertically at each corner of the box. Glue an ice cream cone with the point up to the top of the cardboard rolls. Glue an ice cream cone with the point up to the top of the cardboard rolls. ... More

how to put profile picture in whatsapp android

No need to crop your WhatsAppp Profile Picture anymore: SquareDroid is a free Android application, which allows you to set WhatsApp profile picture without cropping them. It is free to use but ad-supported, you can remove ads by purchasing PRO version. However, this app can turn your rectangle photo into the square. Also, you can apply borders to your photos with blur background, solid colors ... More

how to make a digital recording

On the front is a digital display screen for viewing recording levels, menus, settings, etc. Above the screen you’ll see two LED lights. PEAK lights up when your recording source is too loud for your gain setting, and REC flashes in recording standby and lights up fully when recording. ... More

how to make massaman beef

13/08/2018 Massaman curry is a popular Thai curry that is rich in flavor. Its made with coconut milk, beef, potatoes and peanuts. Its often made with beef but you can use chicken. While you can make the Massaman ... More

how to play wifi games

18/07/2017 How to Download and Play Wii U Games FOR FREE! Getting Wii U Games For Free is very easy and will not take long at all, Just follow what i do and you will be golden! Just a quick heads up, you ... More

how to make potpourri from fresh roses

(Save the petals to make potpourri later. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make potpourri, I am going to try to make some and show you how to as well.) This should give your roses a fresh look. Also trim off excess foliage (leaves, thorns, etc…) from your flowers as well. You can keep some of the extra foliage on the flower as fillers but not too much. The extra foliage just takes ... More

how to make a castle in minecraft with a catapult

This is a fun server intended for survival PvP faction war. The map contains large castles to find, capture and develop to aid in the conquering of the land. ... More

how to pay off mortgage early uk

Paying off your mortgage early can have many advantages as well as disadvantages based on your financial situation. It truly depends on your financial preference ... More

how to pass a new array in java

Getting and Setting Arrays and Their Components Just as in non-reflective code, an array field may be set or retrieved in its entirety or component by component. To set the entire array at once, use java.lang.reflect.Field.set(Object obj, Object value) . ... More

how to put gif into imovie

Drag the movie into the Project window. Click on the icon at the top right of the Project window to display the footage as a single row. Click on the icon at the top right of the Project window to display the footage as a single row. ... More

how to make your own things

Creativity, ingenuity, and inspiration are three important things when Read More. 29 Mar 2014 . Design Your Own Onesie. By RYU On 29 March 2014 In Design No Comments Design your own onesie is one of the most Read More. 4 Mar 2014 ... More

how to make beaded napkin rings

Learn how to make these beautiful DIY BEADED NAPKIN RINGS to add elegance to your table settings! See this easy tutorial and the supply list to make these homemade napkin rings … ... More

how to say mong mongi korean

Shin Dong-hyun (Korean: ???; born September 4, 1979), better known by his stage name MC Mong (Korean: MC?), is a South Korean hip hop recording artist, composer, radio personality, actor and television personality who is known for his comic disposition and his upbeat songs. ... More

how to make a homemade mouse trap that kills

Watch this video tutorial on how to use d-CON Ultra Set Traps to kill mice in the bedroom. Signs of a mouse in the bedroom include droppings, footprints, gnawing, rubmarks, unusual pet activities, strange sounds, and burrows or nests. ... More

how to make a iron pickaxe tinkers construct

Hello, Using TiCon 2.0.2, I can't upgrade my tools using Obsidian Sharpening Kits. When putting it with Flint on a tool station, this is what I get. The pickaxe was already sharpened using an Iron ... More

how to play linkin park in the end on piano

In The End (piano intro) Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Notation by: Jeremy 'Wolfie' Dippel Comments/Suggestions: (btw, paste this into your word processor and use 'courier new' font) This song begins with a simple keyboard intro. Play on the second octave of the keyboard. I like to use a Yamaha keyboard with multi-voicing (synth. strings and grand piano) and I play … ... More

how to make olive garden italian dressing

How to make homemade Sun Dried Tomatoes: Olive Garden Italian Salad Dressing (Copycat) Olive Garden Five Cheese Ziti al Forno (Copycat) Looking for more delicious Copycat Recipes? The Cheesecake Factory Farfalle with Chicken and Roasted Garlic (Copycat) Cheesecake Factory Chicken Bellagio (Copycat) Cheesecake Factory Louisiana Chicken Pasta (Copycat) Tools used in the making of this Olive ... More

how to say pearl in chinese

17/06/2008 It had nice pearls, but pricey for Chinese standards. If you are going to other smaller cities, buy pearls there. Pearls (and shopping in general) in Beijing is much more expensive than if you were to shop in other smaller cities. ... More

how to play european roulette game

Roulette is quite an exciting game with interesting rules and high bets. The aim is to predict on which numbered pocket the ball will end up. However, it may not be easy for players to actually make a profit while indulging in the best online roulette game. ... More

how to make a referral code on skinhub

Skinhub Promo Code & Coupon Code. Skinhub has the best cases for you. Shop for best cases with huge discount on your orders now. Because here we providing the updated list of active Skinhub Coupon Codes & Discount Codes, so that you can get extra discount on your orders now. ... More

how to make a bed

6. Throw Blanket. Adding a cozy throw at the foot of your bed is a nice finishing touch when making your bed. Its also another easy way to bring in more texture and color, especially if ... More

how to make a pigman farm in minecraft

This was a test i did to see if i could make a zombie pigman xp and gold farm. Download map now! The Minecraft Project, Zombie Pigman Xp/Gold Farm, was posted by kasscar. ... More

how to play field hockey positions

Position in team sports refers to the joint arrangement of a team on its field of play during a game and to the standardized place of any individual player in that arrangement. ... More

how to open crx file format

I'd like to download the .crx file of an extension from webstore, I use fiddler to analyze the network request when I install an extension from webstore and got it. ... More

how to show a man you love him long distance

Particularly if you're dealing with a long-distance relationship with your husband, If you tell your man that you love him, that's nice, but he hears that all the time. There's one thing he's really dying to hear: That you respect him. It won't be enough to tell him that you respect him. Like you want him to show you that he loves you, he wants you to show him that you respect him. So you ... More

how to make your own infant car seat cover

This machine-washable car seat cover from Cozy Cover features an innovative dual zipper design for easy access to both your baby and your car seat's safety straps. Complete with a soft inner fleece lining and a peek-a-boo opening, you can rest assured your baby will be safe and warm in their car seat with this cover. ... More

how to do your own tax return online australia

The great news is Taxopia has developed the first interactive online solution which enables you to do your own company tax return online. Taxopia Lite is Australia’s only DIY interactive company tax return preparation. It is available to companies throughout Australia and is the country’s cheapest company tax return preparation service! Taxopia Lite is a simple two stage process, delivered ... More

how to make moss carpet

A moss shower mat utilizes live moss to provide cushion and grip for stepping out of the tub or shower. Making your own gives you the opportunity to design your green moss bath mat into any textured design and shape that enhances your bathing environment and gives you bragging rights as well! ... More

how to make holes in plastic without drill

Q: I make my own guards and router bases from plastic. How can I drill clean holes without the bit grabbing the plastic? A: A simple solution is to file a flat edge on a regular twist bit’s cutting. ... More

how to make oat flour with a blender

Making oat flour at home couldn't be easier! Start with steel cut oats and grab your blender or food process for a great alternative to flour. Start with steel cut oats and grab your blender or food process for a great alternative to flour. ... More

how to run a baby shower

Baby Shower Invitation is an Android App that is developed by ImageOne and published on Google play store on Jun 6, 2018. It has already got around 10,000+ downloads so far with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 in play store. ... More

how to open rift tab diablo 3

According to Diablo 3 official website, Patch 2.6.4 Public Test Realm is going to be launched later this week. This patch will bring us lots of life changes, class set balancing, and a … ... More

how to remember lupus criteria

Clinical Criteria Acute Cutaneous Lupus OR Subacute Cutaneous Lupus. Acute cutaneous lupus: lupus malar rash (do not count if malar discoid), bullous lupus, toxic epidermal necrolysis variant of SLE, maculopapular lupus rash, photosensitive lupus rash (in the absence of dermatomyositis). ... More

how to make salmon and rice sushi

With your hand, take sushi rice and you spread rice on the seaweed. Make sure you have no rice zone on the top about one quarter to half inch. Make sure you have no rice … ... More

how to play drinking games with cards

In this drinking games category we have collected all of the drinking games that you play with a deck of cards. There is something special about the fate of your drinking being in the hands of a pack of cards. ... More

how to make friends in your 20s

If you're a twenty-something and have slowly come to the realization that you haven't seen your friends in months, don't be alarmed. It is perfectly normal in our 20s to … ... More

how to make freeze dried crushed raspberries

Substitute some of the graham crackers with crushed freeze dried fruit and you have a wonderfully unique flavored crust! Use freeze dried fruits in flavored gelatin! It adds a wonderful texture without thinning out the recipe from the moisture in fresh fruit. ... More

how to prepare for an interview on sonru

Upon receiving an invitation to an interview, you may feel as if you have finally gained your chance to prove yourself and then, in a few moments, this is almost always clouded by uncertainty ... More

how to make a paper frisbee that comes back

BOOMERANG PAPER AIRPLANE- How to make a PAPER FRISBEE that COMES BACK to you Alien U.FO How to Make a Rubber Band Plane Out of Paper - Very EASY How To Make A Regular Paper … ... More

how to make a pokemon trainer costume

29/04/2017 · ... More

how to say droch áird chúgat lá gaoithe

... More

how to put on acrylic nails with glue

The Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit also comes with everything that you need, including white tips for a French manicure, natural tips, primer, acrylic liquid, acrylic powder, acrylic brush, and nail glue. This makes it simple to do a personal manicure at home. The nail tips are also thin but sturdy, so they blend easily but last. This is a ... More

how to make crackle nail polish

Posted in Nail Art Tagged combinations, crackle look, guest manicure, guest post, Katy Perry, manicure, nail art, nail polish, nails, OPI, polishes, Shatter Valentine’s Day Nails! Posted on February 6, … ... More

how to make salt and pepper chicken like the chinese

This is a really EASY 30-minute meal that’s perfect for busy days! You can add some vegetables like broccoli to this recipe and make easy Chinese lemon chicken with vegetables, which would be … ... More

how to say power in german

German » Spanish G gi girl power Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. ... More

how to receive diplomatic immunity

Diplomatic immunity puts officials from overseas above the law of the country in which they live. Is the system open to abuse? Imagine breaking the law and no-one can stop you. Ignoring parking ... More

how to make chicken tikka masala easy

The easy way to make a delicious and comforting home-cooked meal – Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala! In our home we love curries…especially when they are slowly cooked and the smell of it bubbling away fills the house with delicious aromas. ... More

how to make coconut cream buns

So dont be afraid to make this recipe just because theres coconut filling inside the bun. Trust me its worth the effort. With a light, buttery pillow of bread surrounding a creamy coconut center, all topped off with crunchy sesame seeds, these buns ... More

how to make parents aware of saftey o button batteries

Make sure you have the recommended protective equipment (such as gloves, safety goggles and a face mask, and work in a well ventilated area. If you are using chemical cleaners, wash the cleaning rags before you use them again or before throwing them out. ... More

how to make a gift for mother& 39

Mother's Day, that special day that Mothers around the world are celebrated for their loving, caring and nurturing nature. Scrapbook the memory of a great mother's day or make a lovely page as a gift for your mother on this special day. ... More

how to make a wooden sword without power tools

I played with tools and learned how to make several easy projects, such as a sawhorse. The project that was the biggest hit among all the participants, however, was definitely the demonstration on how to make a wooden sword, put on by professional prop designer Holly Conrad . ... More

how to make light letters

What others are saying "AES - light up FREETHS letters for the back of the stage" "The LED's used in these are a soft warm glow rather than the usual bright blue/white, making them a softer alternative and an ideal night light too. ... More

how to make double pinch pleat curtains using buckram

How To Make Double Pinch Pleat Curtains With Buckram Curtain Making Double Pinch Pleat Curtains Without Tape Curtain Design Lajada How To Make Double Pinch Pleat Curtains Using Tape Oh Decor Curtain Harper Sheer Pinch Pleat Curtains Online Curtain Wonderland Two Pleat How To Make Double Pinch Curtains You ... More

how to make a hugglepod

★ HugglePod Deluxe Hanging Chair, 66''H, In Grass Green @ Review 2019 and Sale Hammocks Check Price 2018 ★ Searching for Best Deals Prices Sale, HugglePod Deluxe Hanging Chair, 66''H, In Grass Green Find Our Lowest Possible Price! in Review 2019 and Sale Check Price 2018. #hugglepod-deluxe-hanging-chair-66-h-in-grass-green #Hammocks ... More

how to fake fall and make it look real

Make your plastic pumpkins look real! All you need is some antiquing gel, also called antiquing paint from the acrylic paint section. My standby is "burnt umber". ... More

how to make a half double crochet foundation row

Row 1: Foundation hdc 28. See here how to make foundation rows (28). ch 1 and turn Row 2: Hdc in first st. fp hdc in next st, bp hdc in next stitch. repeat fp bp sequence across until last st. hdc in last hdc. ... More

persona 5 how to raise kindness

The Social Stats system in Persona 5 is a collection of stats that you can raise to improve various aspects of the game. This guide will tell you how to increase Kindness in Persona 5 which opens This guide will tell you how to increase Kindness in Persona 5 which opens ... More

how to make a gmail a main account samsung s8

Set Up an Email Account Before setting up an email account, make sure you have the username (user ID), password, server name, etc., so you can get set up … ... More

how to run ms access form

The Microsoft Access Login Database is a sample database that shows you how to implement a custom login form inside your own Access database. Please note that this is a template database. ... More

how to run white test on eview

30/04/2017 · Dear Maya Lani, Thank you for the information. With that sample size it may be acceptable to use the White test. However, the test has a large number of degrees of freedom and it tends to over-reject in that case. ... More

how to make concrete fence posts

A spray-in-place concrete fence adds a beautiful touch to any yard. Not only does it delineate, but the fence also give a beau-tiful backdrop to landscap-ing. This fence by this home in Italy, Texas varies from six to four feet tall. Disclaimer. All of the information given in this booklet is to the best of our knowledge factual and useful. The engineering data given is from practical ... More

how to make a playroom

Turn unused space into a playroom: If your home has storage space or rooms that are not being used to their full potential, consider transforming them into multifunctional play area and congregating space. ... More

how to create a podcast and put it on itunes

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download and subscribe to Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield by Amy Porterfield, get iTunes now. ... More

how to make a 12 page book out of paper

20 Ways to Decorate With Book Pages {and other things about the book party} September 23, Make a book page garland with or without a bouquet. That took negative 3 minutes to make. I just cut more leaf shapes out of a thicker book. Then I rolled some paper and hot glued the mess together keeping in mind that flowers usually have something coming out of the middle and the leaves or petals ... More

how to make gold work unturned

4/09/2017 · Today I show you the easiest way to get unturned gold for free! I also used this method. It is not a scam. People world wide give good reviews. ... More

how to make foils for 470 international

The “shiny” side of aluminum foil is 88 percent reflective, making it one of the best and most efficient insulators to solar heat. Billions of containers are produced each year Approximately 7 billion aluminum foil containers are produced annually. ... More

how to make fried chicken wings at home

Ingredients for Korean Fried Chicken MAIN. 1.4 kg / 3 pounds whole chicken, cut into pieces or chicken wings / drumsticks / boneless chicken thigh choose from ... More

how to say wussy in spanish

Translation of headbanging Considering S&M's short opening set, their infusion of headbanging added a much-needed element of danger. ... More

how to make grape jelly from juice

You need 5 cups of grape juice to make one run of jelly. If you dont have enough you could make a half a run, pop the juice into the freezer until you get more or add a little water or store bought grape fruit juice to make up the difference. ... More

how to make a sight for a nerf gun

Nerf Pinpoint Sight Toys This title is unavailable for purchase as none of our regular suppliers have stock available. If you are the publisher, author or distributor for this item, please visit this link . ... More

how to post memories out of order

An out-of-order death such as child loss breaks a person (especially a parent) in a way that is not fixable or solvable - ever! We will learn to pick up the pieces and … ... More

how to open a jammed squeeze glue

Step-By-Step Instructions To Get Gorilla Glue Off Hands Once youve chosen the method you want to use and prepared your materials, you can proceed to actually removing the Gorilla glue off your hands. ... More

how to make chicken biryani in microwave oven video

Our website searches for recipes from food blogs, this time we are presenting the result of searching for the phrase chicken biryani in microwave oven video. Culinary website archive already contains 1 061 724 recipes and it is still growing. ... More

how to make a video your alarm on iphone

So I have my iPhone next to my bed with a soft alarm that I can turn off quickly. To keep myself from falling back asleep in the morning brain-fog, I have another alarm across the room set for a ... More

how to find standard deviation from mean in r

Weighted mean, variance and standard deviation calculations Description. wt.mean calculates the mean given a weighting of the values. wt.var is the unbiased variance ... More

how to receive netflix on your tv

Too bored to read the entire article? Check our tutorials here, and hardware reviews here. The problem. Regular TV sucks. I want to be able to watch my digital movies, youtube, Netflix, read email and browse my favorite websites from my couch, using my big TV screen. ... More

how to make bean patties

A delicious and easy to make meat patties made from 2 different kinds of meat; ground beef and pork added with a soy bean curd as an extender. The bean curd is mashed before adding it to the meat. You can either serve this meat patties by making a … ... More

how to make maggi pasta at home

Maggi contains hidden MSG and so does Pasta made my Maggi and any instant pasta. They are unhealthy. Pasta is Healthy if you get organic whole wheat pasta. Its very easy to make. The fastest way to make Pasta is to get... ... More

how to open airport extreme

AirPort Extreme Setup Guide. 3 Contents 5 Getting Started 7 About the AirPort Extreme 8 About the AirPort Software 9 What You Need to Get Started 11 The AirPort Extreme Status Light 13 AirPort Extreme Networks 14 Using the AirPort Extreme with a Broadband Internet Service 16 Using the AirPort Extreme to Share a USB Printer 18 Using the AirPort Extreme to Share USB Hard Disks 20 ... More

how to put braided line on sienna 2500 reel

Shimano SIENNA 2500 F Reel Very popular beginners softbait reel, super reliable and hard working capable of landing the big one! The new Sienna F range of spinning reels are equipped with four ball bearings for smooth and effortless operation and a precision gear … ... More

how to put second sim in samsung 7

Some phones come with dual SIM slots, allowing users to install and use two SIM cards at once. Most cell phones, however, only have one SIM card slot, meaning that only one SIM card can be installed at a time. Nevertheless, if a single SIM cell phone user has two SIM cards from either the same or different carriers, it is possible for her to use them interchangeably. ... More

how to put beads in hair braids

Shorter beards are more difficult to braid as the hair may not be long enough to be properly woven into the design of the braid. But longer facial hair can be braided however one wants, whether in a single long braid, two woven braids, or many smaller braids, a la Pirates. ... More

how to play diablo 3 offline

There are many of us out there that do still enjoy Diablo III and everything it has to offer. However, those who cry out for an injection of something new for the ARPG raise some very valid points, even more so after the little attention the game has received at the past two Blizzcon events. ... More

how to make a pumpkin head scarecrow

When making your Scarecrow prop use old, wragged items from around the house that won't be missed and feel free to add your own twist ie; long sleeve checked shirt, trench coat, burlap sacs, housecoat or robe, pold pair jeans with patches, housedress or moo moo, wigs, glasses, skeleton bodies, socks, gloves, straw hat or make one with a pumpkin head! ... More

how to make a tundra biome in a shoebox

Biome Project We will be working on a group project to learn more about the different biomes in our world. I n the attachments below, there are the details of the project and also the rubric of ... More

how to say my sweetheart in german

If you want to know how to say sweetheart in French, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand French better. We hope this will help you to understand French better. ... More

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how to read the counter on irc5035

EOSCount allows you to read a shutter counter from a Canon EOS DSLR (DIGIC III and later) camera. It can also sync a camera clock to your PC's clock. It can also sync a camera clock to your PC's clock.

how to make beach waves with a curling iron

I want to share with you today my favorite hairstyle for summer the beachy wave. I feel like it’s everyone’s favorite hairstyle to rock in the summertime and this one is so effortless and. It’s so easy to do I’ve tried every single technique to get that perfect wave and,...

how to make pencil pleat curtains with blackout lining

28/07/2012 · This Bride-To-Be Hadn’t Cut Her Hair In 30 Years, But A Wedding Makeover Totally Transformed Her - Duration: 5:39. TOP LIFE STORY 1,748,530 views

how to make a tally on google doc

Her presentation focused on how to use Google Docs to create rubrics, and she outlines the process in this video: She further explains her process and goals in this blog post. I was energized by the presentation and immediately implemented Google Spreadsheets to create my own rubrics. You can create self-grading rubrics if you like, or you can create rubrics that tally the number of rubric

how to make a book about your life

Eventually, the efforts coalesced into the book called Your Money or Your Life, which became a big seller and really helped the word start spreading. Today, there are a number of financial independence blogs and the concept even has its own category on reddit .

how to make low gi bread in bread maker

Add water, agave sweetener, butter first to bread machine. Follow liquids with 6 grain organic cereal, bread flour, whole wheat flour & rye flour. Set custom setting to 25 min pre- heat, 30 min knead, & 1hr 30 min rise.

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